AOD: Arrangement in Black

Fantasy Coffin: Bury Me Upside Down

Fault of Form

Monument to Museum Preservation and Conservation

New York City Bar Graph

Parking Lot Island

Return to the Raw

Riot City

Sculpture Combines

The Bygone City


Architectures of Defense

Fences, Monument
Spaces are not natural; they are socially made and are products of political and capital values. Simple as it may seem the demarcating line that creates spaces of difference, in and out, here and there, is essentially what characterizes an exclusionary definition of an “us” and “them.” This is what imbues the abstract concept of space with social and political stakes. Architectures of Defense is a demonstration of how history, the law, and class structures are written on the physical environment. Articulations of self are fought and marked on the grounds of public space and ultimately, they are vestiges of our ideas of humanity, political values and notions of rights.

Architectures of Defense is a life-size sculpture resembling a skyscraper structure. Made of variable types of metal, vinyl, and wood fencing, it is entirely composed of different types of spatial demarcations. Measuring 4 meters in height, Architectures of Defense is arranged according to height and hierarchies of power: royal, civic, public and finally private spaces.