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Fantasy Coffin: Bury Me Upside Down

Fault of Form

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Parking Lot Island

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Riot City

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The Bygone City


October, 2010
3D Mapping
Zoom is a visualization of the Great Chain of Being as one that draws a connection between space, its determination on our notion of self and equally, how the physical make up of the self is reflected in the structures of imagined spaces. Zoom is an experimental video and augmented sculpture installation based on utopian models. There is destructive quality inherent in the desire for utopia; if nothing else it is an imaginary destruction of the real. Left behind is the manic cycle of construction and destruction, an incessant wish to start anew.

Appropriately named after the zoom function of a lens, this four part animation begins with a view of a distant landscape, then closer into a structure within the landscape, a room in the structure and finally, a microscopic view of a body in the landscape.

Made in collaboration with Zvonimir Marcic